Frequently Asked Questions
We are pleased to offer friendly and approachable services our clients are happy to recommend. This section is here to help you discover how our services can benefit you and to answer any questions you may have about the translation process. We want to ensure that you are happy with every step of the service we provide. Below are the some of the questions we are most regularly asked by our clients. You can also visit our Glossary which provides further information on industry-specific terminology.
What does a translation agency do?
A translation agency provides translations into and from a wide range of languages using a combination of in-house staff and freelance translators. A project manager will provide a single point of contact and will liaise with one or more translators and proofreaders. At TransAction Translators, in addition to our highly qualified in-house translators, we work with several hundred experienced and assessed freelance translators, allowing us to offer our clients top-quality multilingual solutions.
What are the benefits of using a translation agency?
By working as an agency, we are able provide extra value services to both our clients and our colleagues in the translation industry. We have more resources than an individual translator, as well as a good understanding of the freelance sector and its variety of specialisms. This allows us to be flexible and competitive when responding to your needs, choosing the translator who is best placed to provide you with a perfect combination of language skills and specialist knowledge. We will also be able to streamline the translation process for you. Our project managers offer access to multi-lingual language solutions through a single point of contact. Plus, by getting to know you and your company, we are able to tailor our flexible services to suit you.
What is the difference between translating and interpreting?
Translation is the process of reproducing the written word in another language. Translators provide texts such as business documents, books, certificates or website content in a different language (or dialect). Interpreting is the process of reproducing the spoken word. Interpreters may be required to provide this service at conferences, business meetings or in court. We are able to provide professional interpreters for appointments across the UK.

For more information, please contact our offices on +44 (0)114 266 1103.
How can I become a freelance translator or interpreter?
Please follow this link to read our guide to becoming a freelance translator.
How do I pay for my translation?
We accept payments in GBP by debit card, credit card, bank transfer (BACS) or postal order. We also offer online payment options via PayPal and Moneybookers. Please note that some payment methods are subject to an administration fee.
Do you accept payments in Euros, US Dollars and other currencies?
We only have a GBP account, so are charged a fee and a conversion rate which are payable by the client.
Do I have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT)?
You only have to pay VAT if you are in the UK or European Union. If you require a VAT invoice for a UK or EU company, we require written confirmation of the company VAT number. Our VAT number is GB 728 4204 40. The VAT rate for the UK is currently 20% (August 2011).
How much will it cost?
We will need to see a copy of all documents in order to provide a firm quote. Our rates are based on the number of words and differ according to the language(s) concerned. Other factors such as subject matter, specialist terminology, format, and urgency will also be taken into consideration. Request a free translation quote here.
How do I send you my documents?
You can send your file using the upload function which appears in our Request a Quote form, you can attach it to an email and send it to us, or you can fax us a copy to +114 263 1959. Click here to see our full contact details.

If you have more than one file to send, or your files are particularly large, you may want to zip them together into a Zip or StuffIt file before sending them to us. Otherwise you can fax and post documents using the numbers and addresses on the Contact Us page. Please note that faxed documents can usually only be used in order to obtain a quote, and clearer copies are often required.
What is a certified translation?
A certified translation is an official translation. A certified translation comprises:

  • • A copy of the original document
  • • The translation
  • • A declaration on our headed paper giving the translator’s name and qualifications.

    All these documents are stamped on the reverse, signed and embossed, and then bound together.

    Our certified translations are accepted by all UK official bodies including those listed below as well as many authorities abroad. More information on certified translations can be found on our certified translation site.

    Home Office  General Dental Council (GDC)  General Register Office (GRO)
    Passport Office General Teaching Council (GTC) Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
    General Medical Council (GMC) Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC)
  • What is a sworn translation?
    A sworn (legal) translation involves the translator swearing an affidavit relating to the translation and a copy of the original document before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths, so that the translation can be submitted for use in legal proceedings, such as divorce proceedings or custody cases. An affidavit is a legal document which states the details of the case including the names of the parties and of the court at which the case is to be heard. More information on sworn translations can be found on our Certificate Translator site.
    How do I upload my documents to request a quote?
    We are in the process of improving our website. If you are having problems uploading a file, please email copies of your documents to for a free quote.
    I don't know what language my original document is in
    If you’re not sure what language your original document is in, or where it was issued, we will be happy to identify the original language on sight of a copy of your documents.
    Your Languages page doesn't list the language I require
    Our Languages  page lists the languages we most commonly work into and from. If you require translations into or from a language that does not appear on the list, please contact us and we will be more than happy to confirm if we can be of assistance.
    I need an interpreter, not a translator
    We also provide professional interpreters to facilitate communications at conferences, during meetings and in court. If you would like to request a quote for an interpreter, please contact us. We will need to know the language combination you require, the proposed date and location of the assignment and the subject area.
    I can't see my file properly
    Sometimes you may not be able to read a file using your word processor because it uses a non-Latin alphabet. When you open a file in Word, for example, you may be confronted with text which makes no sense or is a series of square symbols. Many alphabets such as Latin East European ones with special accents, or Cyrillic ones such as Russian, require you to adjust the computer settings to view them properly. Though all recent operating systems and office software are Unicode-enabled, you can usually adjust your operating system's regional settings so that extra language capabilities and fonts are installed.
    I can't open the PDF file you sent to me
    You can download Adode PDF Reader free from the Adobe website.

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